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Curriculum matched teaching resources for GCSE Computing.


Schoolcoders resources are designed for GCSE, and contain presentations, workbooks, and guided projects, which are ready for use in the classroom. They include teachers' notes and full source code for the exercises.


Our resources are designed to cater for a variety of abilities. Our workbooks include extra exercises which go beyond the curriculum, and our projects based resources are open ended to suit the most able students. The source code for all the libraries we use is available on Github.


Finding suitable materials can be difficult - free resources are sometimes incomplete, contain errors, or are set at the wrong level. Our resources are purpose made and curriculum matched.


Take a look at our free online textbook for GCSE computing. This is a work in progress, with new pages added every week.

Teach Python

Our resources include a complete set of Powerpoints, workbooks and cheatsheets for teaching Python 3, either as a first language or as a follow up to earlier languages such as Scratch, Basic etc.

Teach the basics of expressions and variables, sequence, selection and iteration. Then move on to data structures, in preparation for our mini-project based resources.

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Computer science in code

Many computer science topics can seem dry and abstract when taught in isolation. Our Computer Science in Code resources use practical Python coding to give life to CS topics.

For example, learn about vector graphics by creating Spirographs using a Python SVG library, and opening them in Inkscape. Or learn about computer sound by creating sound effects in Python and editing them in Audacity.

Maths and Computing

There has always been a well known affinity between maths and computing. Our growing collection of Python for GCSE Maths resources use GCSE maths topics as a rich source of interesting coding exercises - whilst at the same time helping to cement mathematical concepts. A virtuous circle!

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See a complete list of our resources, mapped to the curriculum.

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